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Jethro Tull Releases Title Track Of Their New Album “The Zealot Gene”!

Jethro Tull will be releasing a new album on January 28th titled “The Zealot Gene”. You can pre-order it here. The new single from the album is the title track. Once again it doesn’t disappoint. This album seems to have a retro vibe. Not sure why they decided to go this route but I am very happy they did. We waited awhile for this record and it seems we are being rewarded for it. The flute kicks in and you know it’s Ian Anderson. I also enjoy the cadence of the vocals with the music and of course the great story telling. We still get the political takes and commentary, all which make for a great tune. The video is animated and has the tongue and cheek aspect that we usually get from the band. Check it all out below.

#JethroTull #TheZealotGene

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