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Jimmy Buffet Releases Prolific New Single "My Gummie Just Kicked In", With Paul McCartney On Bass!

Jimmy Buffet will be releasing a new album on November 3rd titled "Equal Strain On All Parts". You can pre-order it here. It is unfortunate that he has passed away at the same time his single was released but My Gummie Just Kicked In is typical Buffet. He takes on the latest craze of gummies that are used with cannabis, or the more common term, weed. This track features Paul McCartney (Beatles) on bass. The song is catchy and has his famous tongue in cheek approach that he has on life. He Laos ties in the beach, not that should surprise us. We don't have a video but that would have been a nice thing ti have of the two of them in the studio. But we get the collaboration to check out. Listen to it below.

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