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Joanne Shaw Taylor Covers Little Milton’s “If That Ain’t A Reason” Featuring

Joanne Shaw Taylor has released a new single and cover of Little Milton’s If That Ain’t A Reason, that features Joe Bonamassa. The song will be part of an album that will be out later this year. Milton’s version is more of narrative style, Taylor’s is more of an emotional vocal. Taylor really makes this her own you can actually distinguish it from the original.

Now you might think that Bonamassa being the guest would be doing the guitar solo, well you would be wrong. Taylor plays and man does she deliver an ass kickin’ guitar solo. It’s worth it just for that. But the combination of her vocal and playing is magic for me. I have nothing but love for this song. The video is her performing it with Bonomassa in the studio, that scenario just makes all of this that much better. Check it out below.

#IfThatAintAReason #JoanneShawTaylor #JoeBonamassa

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