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Joe Bonamassa Releases Killer New Single “Lookout Man”!

Joe Bonamassa has released a new single from his just released album “Royal Tea”. You can get a copy here. Lookout Man is the new single. I don’t know where to begin on this one, I love everything about it. But you get very cool harmonica playing, a great and heavy bass line. The lyrics show the attitude and angst. The drums make themselves known and of course the killer guitar work of Bonamassa himself. Together they make this song spectacular.

I can listen to this one over and over again. There are no disappointments in the making here. I think the song is more metal and rock than bluesy. In any case I love it. The video is a nice compliment to the song showing it being recorded in the studio with some candid moments. This one leaves you in a good place. Check it out below.

#JoeBonamassa #LookoutMan #RoyalTea

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