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Joe Bonamassa Releases New Epic Single “Beyond The Silence”!

Joe Bonamassa has released a new single from his current album “Royal Tea”. You can order it here. Beyond The Silence is his latest single and it’s pretty epic. This is a very moody and emotional tune. There is a line in the song “When the storm rages” that I think is a perfect way to describe the music and words of this one. You feel a storm building and hitting during the chorus and then you feel the calm and the rage as it were. Not to sound cliche but musically this is a perfect storm.

The video starts off with a storm and fades into the band and Bonamassa playing this song. When you combine the music and video together it really has an impact. I didn’t think I would get pulled in the way I did and have to say I enjoy this both visually and musically more than I thought I would. I’m hooked on this one. You can check it out below.

#BeyondTheSilence #JoeBonamassa #RoyalTea

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