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Joe Bonamassa Releases New Single “A Conversation With Alice”!

  Joe Bonamassa has a yet to be titled album coming out sometime later this year. A Conversation With Alice is his latest single for it. The song according to Bonamassa is a personal one where he sought out help for something that happened to him a few years ago. I think you will get the gist of it as you listen to the lyrics. The song is spectacular. I love the riff, I think Bonamassa voice is on point and probably one of the better display of his singing to me. His guitar work is what is expected but i do love the way he utilizes the slide on it. A nice touch. But the stand out to me is Anton Fig’s (David Letterman band,so many others) drums on this, it’s amazing. It has a Keith Moon (The Who) vibe in his playing, but its seriously good. Looking forward to the new album. Check out the single below.

#AConversationWithAlice #JoeBonamassa

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