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Joe Bonamassa Releases New Throwback Single “The Heart That Never Waits”!

Joe Bonamassa haș a new album coming out on October 29th titled “Time Clocks”. You can pre-order it here. The Heart That Never Waits his new single. This one is the way Blues music is supposed to be. I feel like it should have came out in the 1940’s. You get the lyrics;

“We used to be perfect, baby I saw love in your eyes Put my wild days behind me I thought I had arrived”

Now that’s how Blues lyrics are supposed to be written, you can feel the pain just reading it. The guitar licks, the rhythm of it all are just fantastic and man does he do some great soling through out this. I truly enjoy just listening to this one. When you combine this with the video and you actually see him playin it is the perfect blend for your musical pleasure. Check it out below.

#JoeBonamassa #TheHeartThatNeverWaits #TimeClocks

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