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Joe Bonamassa Releases Reminiscent New Single “Notches”!

Joe Bonamassa has released a new single for a yet to be named album. The new song Notches reflects on his life growing up in the music business. If this song is a sign of what’s to come we are going to be in for some great material. If you are head bobbing, foot thumping or whatever you do when you listen a song as good as this then you need to turn in your fan card. I’m totally blown away by this track. There are two passages lyrically that are just brilliant in their writing which are;

“I got miles under my wheels Notches in my walking cane”

“Oh, I may be no angel I’ll sure be a devil for you”

Those two snippets have so much imagery and feeling that makes an impactful statement. You mach that kind of prose with the music behind it and you have a really powerful tune. Bonamassa’s guitar solo is….I don’t know if I can describe ho it takes me feel it’s as good as anything he’s done in this format. The video brings the lyrics to ife. You can check it out below.

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