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John 5 And The Creatures Releases “I Am John 5” With Animated Video!

John 5 And The Creatures has released a new single for their forthcoming album “Invasion” due out sometime this year. The new song I Am John 5 is a damn good jam, just not sure about the repetitive use of the song title, that aside, I like it. Again I will state that this album’s singles are winning me over as I am not a instrumental music kind of guy. But kudos to John 5 for getting me to convert. The video serves as a sequel to the previous one for Zoinks!. John 5 transforms into a robotic monster and terrorizes Hollywood, CA. The mad scientist if you didn’t recognize him is Eddie Munster. The animation is quite cool and the way the bounce it back and forth with John 5’s guitar playing is very well done. Make sure you check out the credits, you might be surprised to see who is involved. I will tell you to check Zoinks! first if you haven’t already seen it to get the reference in this video. I don’t want to give too much away so check it out below.

#IAmJohn5 #Invasion #John5AndTheCreatures

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