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John Mellencamp Gets Political With “Eyes On The Prize”!

John Mellencamp has a new album called “Other People’s Stuff”, out on December 7th. You can pre-order it here. Eyes On The Prize is the first single from the record. The album is made up of songs he has recorded in the past that are covers and his interpretation of the songs. The new song is a variation of a folk song called “Keep Your Hands on the Plow that he first performed live in 2010 at the White House Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement special. The track has folky blues quality to it. Almost Bob Dylan like raspiness about it. He filmed the video for it in black and white and shows things in it like the border wall, a child playing with a gun. Things that have been politically charged as of late. He considers this a protest song. You can check it out below.

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