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John Wetton Passes Away At The Age Of 67!

John Wetton, bassist extraordinaire, and vocalist of Asia, passed away in his sleep at the age of 67. He lost his battle to colon cancer. I will openly admit that I wasn’t a huge King Crimson fan, not really one now. I say that because it wasn’t until Asia that I discovered him. Ironically, I knew the others in the band, Yes and E.L.P. were very popular in my youth. When Asia first came on the scene, I was a huge fan. I loved that they were commercial versus their progressive roots. I especially enjoyed Wetton’s vocals. I was hoping to catch them this year, but when Wetton said he was taking a break from the first leg of the tour to heal, I was disappointed. I thought I would wait until he gets back on tour and see them. Obviously, no one expected that he would die! Asia is still opening for Journey. Those dates will still go on with Bill Sherwood on bass. The 2017 hasn’t started well as far rock star deaths are concerned, I feel Wetton went to soon. I am going to end this on a positive thought, one of my favorite songs and videos by Asia is Don’t Cry. You can see it below. RIP John!

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