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Johnny Winter Releases “Illustrated Man” And The Animation Rocks!

Johnny Winter released a new single and video for his song Illustrated Man. The album it comes from was released in 1991 called “Let Me In”. The first thing you notice is the smoking guitar work on this track. It’s fantastic. You are in awe listening to him. I needed this, as I forget how good and how much I enjoy the blues and his playing. The song speaks for itself. The video is done very well. The song is about tattoos, and it’s animated, I think that was pretty genius. But the best part of the animation is watch Johnny’s finger picking. Trust me, it’s amazing. Lyrically, my favorite lyric is:

“He’s a walkin’ wonder box Until the day he dies”

I love that, it says it all. In anyway check it out below.

#IllustratedMan #JohnnyWinter #LetMeIn

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