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Journey Releases The Official Video For “You’ve Got The Best Of Me”!

Journey has a new album coming out July 8th titled “Freedom”. You can pre-order it here. Back in April they released the single You’ve Got The Best Of Me. You can read what I wrote it about it then here. The video starts off in black and white, then rolls into color. The real cool thing here is you get to see the band live playing the song. The only person you won’t see in the video is Randy Jackson. He plays on the album but currently he isn’t on tour. Todd Jensen is his replacement on the tour.

I love seeing them have a good time and in case anyone is in doubt look at that audience. Still packing houses, enough said. Ariel Pineda looks like he owns the stage and commands the audience as he should. Everyone including Neal Schon are having a good time and the crowd is as well. Now that’s what makes for a great video. Check it out below.

#Freedom #Journey #YouveGotTheBestOfMe

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