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Judas Priest Release New Single "Panic Attack"!

Judas Priest has a new album coming out on March 8th, titled "Invincible Shield." You can pre-order a copy here. The new single is Panic Attack. I was anticipating something in the line of their last album "Fire Power". But I was surprised with this track. First off I wasn't expecting heavy keyboards in it. That doesn't mean they aren't used well, but it's not what you would think when you hear Judas Priest. Rob Halford proves he still has a voice and can deliver a great vocal. The song comes in at 5.27, a little long in the tooth for me, especially as a lead single. The guitar work is outstanding. Outside of the keyboards, there isn't anything here that will blow you away. In fact, attires I think they sound like Disturbed. The band has released a lyric video for it as well. I do find it interesting that in the beginning of it they list the band members, not sure hy, but interesting in my view. Check it out below.

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