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Judas Priest Release Titles Track “Firepower”!

Judas Priest has a new record coming out on March 9th called “Firepower”. The album will contain 14 tracks. You can also get a metallic silver coated version of it as well You will need to get the limited edition through their Pledgemusic campaign site here. The band is working with Producer Tom Allom again. He has produced “Unleashed In The East”, “British Steel”, “Screaming for Vengeance” and “Defenders Of The Faith”. This is the second release from the album, the first being Lightning Strike. The band with Allom at the helm take you right back to the band’s heyday. “Firepower” sounds like it would be the follow up to “Defenders Of The Faith”. If the album stays the course of this track and the previous single than we have something amazing coming. Once again it will take seasoned veterans of rock and metal to show how it’s done. I’m truly excited about this one. Give a listen to the title track below.

#Firepower #JudasPriest

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