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Keith Richards Releases A Unheard Single And Cover Of “My Babe”!

Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) is releasing a special 30th anniversary deluxe edition of his 1988 album “Talk Is Cheap”. You can pre-order it here. The previously unreleased single “My Babe” is a cover of Blues legend Little Walter. I think Richards out did himself on this one. Obviously, he enjoys paying homage to his favorite Blues legends. But this one has a rawness or and edge to it, simple, yet elegant. I also think the piano is refreshing and excellently placed. When you hear the recording is has that old static like sound you used to get in the early records. When you see those kind of details in a song you know you have something special. The video is like the song in the sense it is pretty basic, outside of the lyrics. You see a silhouette of a woman dancing and occasional shots of Richards playing. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do, Check it out below.

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