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Kenny Wayne Sheppard Releases “Woman Like You” And Singer Noah Hunt Rocks It!

Kenny Wayne Sheppard has released a new single from his just released album “The Traveler”. The new single form it is Woman Like You. This is a more so a rock song versus a Blues one. But the riff has a great grove to it and gets you hooked right away. Shepard’s guitar solo is good as it should be for a song like this. The song celebrates the special woman in your life. You want to brown nose your significant other, use the following lyrics;

“You got the power, now you got the brains Lockin’ my heart all up in chains I ain’t never gonna be the same Well gimme that, gimme that sunshine stuff Some of that summertime moonlight lust”

I’m sure she would appreciate those words or something similar. The real star of this song though isn’t Shepard, it’s his singer, Noah Hunt. The guy just delivers the words in such a way that you can’t help but want more. He nails this one on all levels. I can’t say enough on his vocal perfection. I know it makes me want to buy the album. The video enhances it more so when you see him singing it. The video is mixed with the performance of the band and women of various sizes, looks, shapes and races, obviously the Woman Like You reference is yours would be different from someone else, well done! Check it out below.

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