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Kid Rock Takes On Cancel Culture With New Single “Never Quit”!

Kid Rock has released a new single from his current album “Bad Reputation”. You can order a copy of it here. His latest single Never Quit is his new political take on the woke silencers or the cancel culture as it’s better known as. To help that perspective here is the opening verse from the song:

“I’m gonna dig deeper, tote guns, and smoke reefer You young punks and stunts, gonna make you all believers You bottom feeders and social media sluts I’m still the sultan of swing the king of don’t give a fuck”

I think that paints the picture of his view. Musically, the song has a country and western vibe mixed with his modern style. The video truly brings his words to life. I’ll let you make your own assumptions about, but I think it’s pretty clear. Check it out below.

#BadReputation #KidRock #NeverQuit

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