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Kid Rock Teams Up With Monster Truck For New Political Single “Don’t Tell Me How To Live

Kid Rock has partnered with Canadian rockers Monster Truck for a new single Don’t Tell Me How To Live. Now if the music sounds familiar than you would be right because it is a Monster Truck single for their 2015 album “Sit-in’ Heavy”. The band has a seventies vibe and it fits nicely with the rapping lyrics from Kid Rock.  Both him and bassist/ Frontman Jon Harvey trade vocals in it. On a side note, there is no word of either of them coming out with a new album. Now everyone knows that Kid Rock is a conservative and if you are offended easily then I would say not to listen to this, but if you are open minded you can check out his point of view.I won’t say any more, but he has some pretty good rhyming observations going on. In any event this is quite the pairing and who knew Canada has a right leaning point of view? The video is what you would expect from Kid Rock. Check it out below.

#DontTellMeHowToLive #KidRock #MonsterTruck

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