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Killswitch Engage Release New Single “I Am Broken Too”!

Killswitch Engage has a new album coming out on August 16th titled “Atonement”. You can pre-order it here.. I Am Broken Too is their latest single. Nothing to complain about on this one, well maybe one thing it’s too short clocking in at 2:39. Outside of that they pack a lot into this song. It’s git a great riff and great lyrical content. It’s very relatable and deep. Look at the following lyrics from it to see what I mean;

“I keep making the same mistakes, just to feel alive again It’s the only way to break on through So stop numbing all the pain ‘Cause it just won’t go away (Won’t go away) If you only knew how much I needed you”

If you ever felt pain in a relationship then you can understand what he is saying here. Jesse Leach makes you feel the emotions in the way that he conveys the song. This song grows on you right away and I for one, haven’t stopped listening to it. This will definitely make it on your playlist. There is no video but you can stream it below.

#Atonement #IAmBrokenToo #KillswitchEngage

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