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KISS Release “I Love It Loud” Live From 1982!

KISS will be releasing will be the 40th anniversary super deluxe edition of their 1982 album “Creatures Of The Night”, This one adding 40 to the title. Due out November 18 and you can pre-order it here. This is one deluxe package I am looking forward to getting. I Love It Loud is the second single from it and was record in Rockford, Illinois 12/31/82. Obviously, this is a fan favorite. Nothing to add on that front. The beauty here is that you get. to hear Eric Carr on the drums. Take a minute and appreciate that. Some background on this album and tour is Ace Frehley didn’t play one the record even though he is on the cover. Many of us and I say us didn’t know that until we saw them on tour. Unlike today there was no social media to let you know. My show was in January. Ticket sales were low as well. You probably can tell by the crowd noise that it wasn’t your usual KISS crowd. Trust me, this was a bittersweet show. One, we were all excited to see Carr for the first time also shocked to see Vinnie Vincent up there on stage. In hindsight it was a unique experience and fortunate that we got to see it. There is no video of the song just the audio. Check it out below.

#CreaturesOfTheNight40 #ILoveItLoud #KISS

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