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Kiss Release Unheard Acoustic Version Of “Beth” And It’s Beautiful!

Kiss will be releasing a 45th anniversary box set of their 1976 album “Destroyer”. You can pre-order a copy here. For Kiss and myself included this is a massive release and worth investing in. There are various editions, each having something special but if i were you I’d but the super deluxe version. Ahead of it’s release you get an unreleased version of their hit song “Beth”. This acoustic version is so much better than the original in my opinion and I feel fortunate we get to hear this take on it. Peter Criss’s voice is crisper and I feel more emotional.

I think the guitars bring the song to another level. This is a home run anyway you look at it. One listen and you will be hooked on it and wonder why this version wasn’t released. Now if this is a sign of what’s to come then you know you are in for a real treat from such a classic album. The only thing that’s missing is a video of them performing or or in the studio from that era. But I’ll take the audio version. Check it out below.

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