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KISS Releases "War Machine", Live From 1984!

KISS as part of their Sound Board series are now releasing The latest one which is "KISS - Off The Soundboard: Poughkeepsie, New York, 1984". Due out April 7th, you can pre-order it here. This time we get War Machine ahead of its release. This is a special release as it features both Eric Carr and Mark St. John playing live. Carr is the highlight of the track. St John is ok in this but definitely not the hero of the song. Gene Simmons doesn't give his best vocal performance, actually it's not good. He also screws up the lyrics, which he tends to do with this song, more often than you would think. The take away here is you get a rare performance of Carr and St. John playing live. Hopefully, the rest of the concert is mixed much better. I do wish we had video of them from the tour playing it. In any event you can check it out below.

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