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KISS Set 2 World Records On New Year’s Eve With “Rock And Roll All Nite” Ending 20

KISS needs no introduction about their live shows, but on New Year’s Eve they took it to another level. They ended 2020 and brought in 2021 with the world’s biggest pyrotechnics display, setting 2 world records. They entered the Guinness Book Of Records for the following;

“Highest flame projection in a music concert” “Most flame projections launched simultaneously in a music concert”

The band held a live streaming event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). They practiced social distancing at the event and people could watch from their hotel balconies and so on. You could have gotten a ticket for $40 to watch it from your home. The show was dubbed “KISS 2020 GoodBye”. There is potential for a 3rd record as they sold 500,000 tickets and it is being assumed that 4 people per household is the average and it would mean 2 million people watched the event and it would be another record. The jury is still out on that. If this is something that is considered successful then I’m sure many other bands will do it.

KISS had to make some changes to the show so they wouldn’t get fined or serve jail time because of their obscenity laws. They changed the words in God Of Thunder from Virgin Soul to Sacred Soul. They also dropped Bitch from their song 100,000 Years. Gene Simmons didn’t spit any blood during his bass solo and Paul Stanley didn’t swear during his stage raps. All in all the live stream went over well with all the cameras and production, many said it was well worth the price. You can watch the record breaking Rock And Roll All Night performance below.

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