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Kobra And The Lotus Release A Kick Ass New Single “Burn”!

Kobra And The Lotus have a new album coming out on September 20th titled “Evolution”. You can pre-order it here. Burn is the new single ahead of its release. This is a killer track and sound like the band is going to a more of a palatable heavy rock style. One might say more radio friendly. I usually don’t like when a band changes direction but in this case it’s exactly what this band needed and I love it. I hope the rest of the record sounds like this. Have to say lyrically this is pretty light except for my favorite line which is “I love the way you disappoint, it gives me fuel”. What a lyric. I may even use that one. I’m sure most can relate to that feeling. Outside of Kobra Paige’s voice, the real highlight of the song is Marcus Lee’s drums. They are hard hitting and really stand out. The video is shot in black and white and shows the band performing the song which is always a good thing. I also noticed that Paige isn’t wearing her usual leather. Maybe the change is more than just the music. Check it out below.

#Burn #Evolution #KobraAndTheLotus

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