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Kobra And The Lotus Release A New Rocking Song ” Velvet Roses”!

Kobra And The Lotus has released a new song from their current album Prevail II. The current single is called Velvet Roses. If your listening for the title, it’s no where to be found. Instead I think they should have called “free falling”. That aside, there is nothing negative to say about this song. It’s energetic, it’s rocking and it’s good.. The video is fantastic and sexy. I love how Kobra lands on top of the van with the mic. That is just spectacular there. Band does a great job having fun with the video. Kobra’s vocals are outstanding, as expected. Jasio Kulakowski guitar solo is something to listen too. I actually think they should of released this as the lead single. Check it out below.

#KobraAndTheLotus #PrevailII #VelvetRoses

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