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Kobra And The Lotus Release New Single “Get The Fuck Out Of Here”!

Kobra And The Lotus has a new album coming out on September 20th titled “Evolution”. You can pre-order it here. Get The Fuck Out Of Here is the second single from the record. Don’t be fooled by the title. You might think the song is about telling some to take leave from you but it’s actually a warning to you, a different perspective. You have a woman telling a man to stay away from the hot looking one. Telling him that she may look great on the outside but she is toxic. The lyrics are well written to pain the picture. The lyrics are n the video so you can follow along. Like the previous single, I like the direction they are going with this album. It’s riff driven and has a catchy chorus. You might say radio friendly. I like it. The video is a lyric one and shows pictures of the band and it’s members in various poses behind it. You can check it out below.

#Evolution #GetTheFuckOutOfHere #KobraAndTheLotus

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