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Korn Releases A Cover Of “The Devil Went To Georgia” Featuring Rapper Yelawolf!

  Korn has released a cover of Charlie Daniel’s Band’s The Devil Went To Georgia featuring Rapper Yelawolf. They released the stand alone song via Bandcamp. All proceeds from the song go to Awakening Youth. You can check the organization here. I was approaching listening to this one with caution and boy was I wrong. I really enjoyed they way they did it. Charlie Daniels would be proud. Korn made it heavier and added their flavor to it and Yelawolf does a fine job with it as well. This is well worth your time to listen, it was a pleasure. Give it a listen to it on the Bandcamp page here.

#AwakeningYouth #Korn #TheDevilWentToGeorgia #Yelawolf

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