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Kristian Montgomery And The Winter Kill Band Release New Emotional Single “4th Of July”!

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Kristian Montgomery And The Winter Kill Band will be bringing in the new year with a new album called “Lower Country Outlaw”. Due out January 1st, 2023, you can pre-order it here. The latest single is 4th Of July. Montgomery’s vocals on this are intense and moving. It shows how he can make you feel the words he’s singing. Musically it’s a like a slow burn but when you get to his guitar solo you’ll find that it takes the song another level as it pulls you in and reflects the emotional tone of the lyrics. Montgomery has a unique way of bringing old school rock mixed with country and southern rock together with blue collar charm. If you are looking for a familiar yet something new for a sound that reflects rock roots and moving toward the modern day. Montgomery is the one to lead the way for you. Check out the track below.

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