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Kristian Montgomery And The Winterkill Band Release “Take You Home”!

  Kristian Montgomery And The Winterkill Band has released a new single form their current album “The Gravel Church”. Take You Home is their latest single. I don’t usually talk about cross over artists in which this case is country and rock. The song has a John Mellencamp vibe to it and that’s mostly what makes this song in the southern rock vein. But I think what you will be taken back by is the guitar solo, that’s as rock as you can get, nothing country about it. The solo alone is worth the time for you to listen to it.

I don’t like going out of my realm of rock and metal, but sometimes I make an exception like this one. If you can get over the country theme of it and look at the southern rock aspect fo it, you will be doing both the band and you some justice. Check it out below.

#KristianMontgomeryAndTheWinterkillBand #TakeYouHome #TheGravelChurch

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