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L7 Release “Stadium West”!

L7 has a new album coming out on May 3rd titles “Scatter The Rats”. The band has a Pledgemusic campaign for it but with the issues with the site has caused the band to pull it from it. You can watch for it n their website here. The groups second single from the record is Stadium West. This time the band uses their Punk roots to pay homage the Grunge. This song has some nice hooks and riffs but to me the stand out is Jennifer Finch’s bass playing. It really gives the single that special something. It’s refreshing to hear this band making Punk music cool again. The video is kind of psychedelic in the way that it has those type of trippy images you see in them. Didn’t expect that from them. But you do see the girls performing and having fun so that makes it unto watch. Check it out below.

#L7 #ScatterTheRats #StadiumWest

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