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Lansdowne Finally Release A New Single “Falling Down”!

Lansdowne has finally released a new single “Falling Down”. I, for one have longed for it and they didn’t disappoint. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and with this band nothing could be more true. No word on a new album, but I’m thinking soon. The song is about being torn between good and evil. You can feel it in the music and the way that Jon Ricci delivers it vocally. I mean you feel the torment and anguish, the music along with it. But I have to tell you there is two sentences in the song that pretty much sums it up and really resonated with me;

“I could be an angel But I don’t want to die”

Pretty deep and on point. Once you listen to the song you will get why it is so impactful. There is animated video that you can enjoy while listening the track. Check it out below.

#FallingDown #Lansdowne

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