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Layden Robinson Releases Compilation Album Featuring Blu Single “Brother”. All For A Gre

Layden Robinson is mostly a rock and blues artist. You can follow him on his blog here. I’d ask that you check out his music. But today we are going to talk about his compilation album of varied artists and musical backgrounds. The album “Artists For Matilda” is put together for his newborn daughter Matilda Nova Robinson. He is raising money to pay her medical expenses and up and coming brain surgeries. You can read more about her condition when you visit his blog.

The whole digital album is $7, and it goes a long way to help out the family. A rather great price for the music you get. You should definitely investigate what’s on here. One of the songs on this record is Brother by BLU. This alone is worth the money. Robinson has a part in writing this one. This song also features Jason Southard on guitar. If you love the Blues like I do this will blow you away. The guitar work, especially the licks and solo are outstanding. The rhythm section behind his solo are fantastic. I think this is a grower, the more you play it the more you like it. I hope they all go on to record more music because this is a lethal group of musicians. Check it out here.

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