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Led Zeppelin Release Japanese Version Of The “Immigrant Song” Backed With “Hey, He

Led Zeppelin is celebrating the 50th anniversary of their third album “Led Zeppelin III” by releasing the Japanese version of their only single from the record Immigrant Song Backed With Hey, Hey What Can I Do on 7 inch vinyl. This will be limited to only 19,700 copies. It will be released on January 15th, 2021. You can pre-order it here. Nothing to add about these songs. Both are great and classic in every way. I think this is a great package and well worth the celebration of the record. We are deprived of a video, which would have been very cool, especially from that era. You can stream it below.

#HeyHeyWhatCanIDo #Immigrantsong #LedZeppelin #LedZeppelinIII

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