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Lee Aaron Releases A Hard Rocking, Anthemic New Single “Vampin'”!

Lee Aaron has a new album coming out on July 23rd titled “Radio On”. You can pre-order a copy here. Vampin’ is the third single from the record. This song is nothing short of fantastic. Don’t let the very beginning fool you, when this song kicks in you are going to be blown away.Aaronout does herself vocally on this one. She steps it up in rocking fashion that gets you hook, line and sinker. As you listen it just gets better. You get a catchy chorus and seductive lyrics with cool riffs. To top it off you get a eargasmic guitar solo from Sean Kelly (Helix). You will be playing this over and over. Dare I say just add it to your playlist. This track doesn’t disappoint.

The video is a lyric one, but backed by the band performing. Aaron is very sultry and captivating. I know I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. The boys bring the energy and excitement to the song behind her. Kelly’s playing his solo is also a fun watch. You know he’s passionate about what he does. You can check it out below (Just click on the video to watch and hear it).

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