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Leogun Video

The big news item for this week is there is a new supergroup in the making. The members currently are Mike McMcready of Pearl Jam, Duff McKagan of Guns and Roses and Barrett Martin of the Screaming Trees. That is the core of the band and they are in the studio. They are using a cast of different vocalists at this time, so they haven’t announced a front man as of yet. They are considering Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke. Nor do they have a name yet. I suggest they call the band Seattle. No release date for the new material.

Stone Temple Pilot has fired Scott Weiland. Weiland says it’s a publicity stunt, since he founded the band. But I ask you, do you sense a trend here? He was also fired from Velvet Revolver. He is currently doing a solo tour utilizing songs from both bands. I’m not sure if it’s just substance abuse, it may be his personality as well. I guess we will see how it all plays out since the Grunge movement seems to be cool again.

Killswitch Engage released a new video for In Due Time, from their album Disarm The Descent. You can watch it here:

I added a new tab this week to the website, called interviews. You need to check it out and hear my interview with Vintage Trouble. Let me know your thoughts.

There is another KISS tribute album coming out but this one also benefits a cancer care hospice. Lots of rock stars will be doing different tracks. The tribute is titled A World Without Heroes. You can get details and make pledges here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was: This singer was known as the Lizard King and Mr. Mojo Rising. Who is the singer and what band did he sing for? The answer comes to us from Rich Aubin of Jackson, NJ. He answered correctly with Jim Morrison of The Doors.

David Bowie’s new album The Next Day is streaming for free on iTunes right now.

Cream is going to release a special album on Record Store Day (April 20th), in a limited release of 1500 copies. A three LP Live At The Royal Albert Hall will be released.

Nine Inch Nails has reformed. Trent Reznor has added to the line up Adrian Belew (guitar) of King Crimson, Eric Avery (bass) of Janes Addiction and Josh Eustis (keyboards) of Puscifer. Alessandro Cortini (Keyboards) and Ilan Rubin (drums) have stayed on. They will tour this year and well into 2014. No dates as of yet or if they will record a new album.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers announced a summer tour. You can get dates here:

Def Leppard, Whitesnake and Europe have announced they will tour together in Europe. Get dates here:

Massachusetts officials are debating that Aerosmith’s Dream On should be the official state song or The Modern Lovers’ Roadrunner. Not sure if the state officials looked at the lyrics and understood them. Some people think the lyrics, “Every time I look in the mirror, All these lines on my face getting clearer” is talking about lines of cocaine being snorted. Others think it’s about age. You have to remember Tyler was like 17 when he wrote it. Also the line that states “maybe the good lord will take you away.” Doesn’t sound much like a state anthem to me. I love the song, but not sure I’d go with this one.

Peter Frampton and Deep Purple announced that they will tour together this summer. No dates set yet.

Tom Keifer’s Solid Ground is out this Tuesday.

There is a book coming out called: The Merciless Book Of Metal Lists, compiled by Howie Abrams and Sacha Jenkins. It comes out on April 9th.

Rob Zombie is streaming a new track off of his Venemous Rat Regeneration Vendor album. This track is called: Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Super Town. You can hear it here:

Iggy Pop And The Stooges are releasing a new album on April 30th called Ready To Die, with a tour to follow. Get dates here:

Here are my Facebook and twitter page links: Tweets by Sethsrock Make sure you visit them often

This week’s Rockucation question is: This guitarist left John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers with the drummer, the bassist and founded another legendary band. This band was formed in 1967 and still exists today. This band had various member changes, including him leaving the band in between 1970-71. The band name was created out of the drummer and bassist last names. Can you name the guitarist and the name of the band he founded?

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