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Liam Gallagher Releases Uplifting New Single “Better Days”!

Liam Gallagher (Oasis) has a new album coming out May 27th titled “C’mon You Know”. You can pre-order it here. Better Days is the latest from his forthcoming album. This one has his love for The Beatles stamped all over it. It also keeps with his sun theme in his recent releases. I have to say this is a catchy number and I ike the vintage sound. The highlight to me is the drums.They are outstanding. The song also references the title of the album.

Seems like with every release Gallagher does I fall deeper into the rabbit hole of rediscovering his past work and joy that he brings me while listening. I hope to see him on tour. The video is them playing on a rooftop, maybe another homage to The Beatles? Who knows? I like how they filmed this. You see Gallagher walking to the band and throughout it you get to see the crowds start to gather to try and catch them as well as people looking out the windows. I just think it’s nicely done. You can check it out below.

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