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Liam Gallagher Teams Up With David Grohl For New Single “Everything’s Electric”!

Liam Gallagher (Oasis) has a new album coming out on May 27th titled “C’mon You Know”. You can pre-order it here. Ahead of it’s release we get the new single Everything’s Electric. The song features David Grohl (Foo Fighters/Nirvana) on drums. The song has a real Rolling Stones musical vibe to it and Gallagher’s vocals stand out and in brilliant form. This one should be on your playlist. It’s uptempo and just a straight ahead rocking tune. It’s already grown on me, it’s catchy. Grohl and Gallagher even co-wrote it, now that’s saying something. I can honestly say I hope they do more together. Unfortunately you don’t get them performing in a video, we get a lyric one instead. Check it out below.

#CmonYouKnow #DavidGrohl #EverythingsElectric #LiamGallagher

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