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Like A Storm Release Melodic New Single “Liar”!

Like A Storm has released a new single Liar, not sure if it’s part of a new album or not. The song has their signature power chords and riffs, but this song is a bit more on the softer side and very melodic. Chris Brooks singing on this is one of the best vocal performances I have ever heard him sing. You literally feel the emotion in his words. My favorite verse is;

“And it dawned on me That all you want is not what you need When it seems like you’re the cure Then you just might be my disease”

I feel that this was brilliantly and has paints a vivd picture of what he is going through. Overall this is a great track. Unfortunately you don’t get to see the band playing it but you get an animated lyric video. Regardless, it’s worth your listening time. Check it out below.

#Liar #LikeAStorm

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