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Like A Storm Release “Pure Evil” And It’s Damn Good!

Like A Storm has a new single out from their current album “Catacombs”. Pure Evil is an epic song in my opinion. It really shows how far this band has come over the years. I say this as I have seen them open many times for Alter Bridge and Slash. It’s good to see that they are getting headline status now. they earned it the hard way, doing meet and greets at every show (Yes, I have met them), being accomodating to their fans and so on. Back to the song, it’s about the evil side or should I say the darker side of the religion and politics. The two lines from the track I like best, as it captures the whole theme of what they are saying is;

“You wear the halo of a saint, To hide the venom of a snake”

Pretty deep, I would say. The song may talk about the dark side of things but in the end when it’s all said and done the evil will pay the price. Chris Brooks vocals are amazing and really delivers on this on this one. His Brother Matt Brooks also does some great guitar work. The riffs and the balance of soft and hard, is just made for your pure ear enjoyment. The video is shot in a church so that helps bring the lyrics to life, and the acting in it does make it all the sweeter. Being shot in black and white, with a hint of color helps make it that much more dramatic. Check it out below.

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