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Lords Of The Trident Release New Single “Dance Of Control”!

Lords Of The Trident has released a new single from their latest album “The Offering”. You can get a copy here. The new single from the record is Dance Of Control. I’ll start by saying if you are looking for a song with guitar mastery and a vocals that go with it, then this is for you. The minute you hear the opening guitar riff you will be hooked. Maybe I should say hypnotized. From there it gets better, Fang VonWrathenstein’s singing pairs well with the melodic guitar work and rhythm section. You’ll want to hear this all the way through, just to enjoy the brilliant dual guitars.

The video shows the band playing in a mansion and I have to say it’s the perfect background for the song. The band’s look and personalities fit well within it. The whole combination of the song and the location make a perfect marriage. You can check it all out below.

#DanceOfControl #LordsOfTheTrident #TheOffering

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