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Lords Of The Trident’s Leader Fang VonWrathenstein Speaks!

Kris Ugarriza - Red Wave Pictures

Lords Of The Trident- The Most Metal Band On Earth!

  Fang VonWrathenstein, Lords Of The Trident frontman and leader,  took time out of his busy schedule of recording and preparing for the bands next campaign to dominate 2015 and leave their mark. Fang will enlighten you from the bands historic midevil past to their current musings. Fang discusses the current music industry, their new album coming, Frostburn coming out on Friday 13th. You can hear for yourself his sense of humor and unique perspective on all things metal.  I warn you, before you listen, that you must be prepared for a face melting interview. You can learn more about them here; Grab yourself a stein and some mead and enjoy!

Here is the latest lyric video for the bands soon to be released album Frostburn. This is Winds Of the Storm;

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