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Love Jams! Check Out Jamie Thyer And The Worried Men And Their Song “Meadow Stone”!

Jamie Thyer And The Worried Men hail from Bristol, United Kingdom. If you weren’t aware of them, like me then you’re in for a treat. First up, you can learn more about them on their website here. You can also get their latest album “Excelsior” from their website as well. Thyer is obviously the guitarist, The Worried Men are bassist Ant F. Biggs and drummer Robert Brian. As many of you know, I’m not a huge fan of Instrumentalists. I have a high bar for them so if I like them they have to be good. The guys meet that standard. Meadow Stone is the song that introduced me to the trio. You get some cool licks, melodic guitar solos and some rocking jams. One of my favorite parts is midway through the song the band slows it down before it kicks into some pretty fine guitar playing, then there is a little drum solo. I think you can appreciate the workmanship in this single. The video shows the band performing the track. Check it out below.

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