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Lucifer Release New Single “Leather Demon”!

Lucifer has a new album coming out this Friday (March 20th) titled “Lucifer III”. You can pre-order it here. Leather Demon is the bands third single from the record. I have slowly been falling in love with this band. Johanna Sadonis vocals have resonated with me and in this song she does a fantastic job of showing her vocal ability. I will add that all the members of the band shine on this single. I love the riffs and heaviness of the guitars, the pounding of the base. But the real surprise is Nicke Andersson drumming. They really carry the song and stand out in a way that doesn’t drown out the song. Well done.

The song is a little bit of the gloom and doom of Black Sabbath but very melodic. This track is a grower. I have played it many times since first hearing it. Friday can’t come fast enough for me to hear the whole record in all of its glory. The video is shot in black and white and really brings out the leather if you know what I mean. The band is in it playing and you see Sadonis singing in different scenes like the cemetery etc. The Grim Reaper actually makes an appearance. Looking forward to hear what you all think about this band. You can check it out below.

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