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Lucifer Releases Covers Paul Stanley’s “Take Me Away (Together As One)”!

Lucifer has a new album out now “Lucifer III”. But they released a bonus track from their Japanese version of the record which you can get it here. The band chose to cover Paul Stanley’s (Kiss) Take Me Away (Together As One). An interesting choice to say the least, but a great one. The song definitely brings back memories from the original release. Musically the band does a great job paying homage to Stanley’s version but with today’s music production it sounds fresh. You can certainly hear the bands influence on it.

Johanna Sadonis singing is what makes this one special. I recently have been taken in by her voice, something about it just resonates with me. Unfortunately, there is no video, just stream of the song over the groups picture. Sadonis has a purple outfit on, I wonder if that’s a tribute to Stanley as well. In any event, you can check it out below.

#Lucifer #LuciferIII #TakeMeAwayTogetherAsOne

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