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Major Moment Releases New Single “May Leave Scars”!

Major Moment has released a new single from their current album “The Sequel”. May Leave Scars is the new single. If you’re not familiar with the band, they are Boston based. They have a unique and fresh sound. The band consists of;

Andrey Borzykin – vocals, synthesizer Alexandra Razumova – vocals, keyboards Eddie Thurmon – lead guitar Dan Interrante – rhythm guitar Dave Kahn – bass Xanon Xicay – drums

You can learn more about them at their website here. The song is hard driving with powerful chords that pull you in and keep you listening for more. It’s very melodic along with nice melded harmonies. I even like their use of the synthesizer, it is well used in this song. Borzykin does a nice job singing with energy and passion. Lyrically the song is about never giving up. It points out that many people quit and they were very close to achieving their goal. Take the following verse;

“You tell me they can go to hell Nobody cares, nobody wants, nobody needs to hear your story It’s so full of bull excuses, I can tell In loser’s words it’s always better to be safe than sorry”

Pretty clear, right rather be safe than sorry. Just give up and be done with it. But then later in the last two lines of the chorus they deliver the truth;

“But something you should know The best is yet to come”

I chose the last two lines to show the main point of the message. No matter what you’re going through never give up, that it’s not always easy. Exactly what we all need to hear right now. I hope you take the time to give a good listen. The video shows a man living trough the lyrics of the sing and you get highlights of the band performing (my favorite parts). I think you’ll enjoy the video and song together. Check it out below.

#MajorMoment #MayLeaveScars #TheSequel

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