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Mammoth WVH (Wolfgang Van Halen) Releases Anthemic New Single “Don’t Back Down”!

Mammoth WVH, Wolfgang Van Halen’s debut album. The record is due out June 11th. You can pre-order it here. The latest single is Don’t Back Down. The thing to remember about this album is that Van Halen plays all the instruments and vocals. That aside the song is fantastic. It has a great riff and pounding beat. If this doesn’t get your fist pumping, you must be dead inside. One might even take this on as a personal theme song.

The moment you hear the guitar kick in you become intoxicated musically. Seriously, each part is precise and takes the sound to a different level. If you really pay attention to the very end you will hear him pay homage to his father or Van Halen as it were. A real touch of class. You just need to listen to the song. I’ll leave it at that. The video will be a classic. It’s very tongue n’ cheek and truly hilarious. I’m done praising, you cn check it out below.

#DontBackDown #MammothWVH #WolfgangVanHalen

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