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Mammothor Releases Killer New Single "The Red State Blues"!

Mammothor has released a new single from their current album "The Ecstasy Of Silence... The Agony Of Dreams". You can get a copy here. The latest single from the record is The Red State Blues. This is a hard driving number with a great riffs and pounding rhythm section. I can go down the road of naming each member here as they are all stand outs on this track. But I won't you'll know by just listening to it. But I would be remiss if I didn't speak about Travis Lowell's vocal acrobatic dexterity throughout the song or Josh Johnson's licks and eargasmic guitar solo.

I think you will have your head bobbing to this one rather quickly and throwing the horns up. This one should go over great live. Let's move on to the video. This is an entertaining one. You get to see the band act and also perform the number. Lowell displaying he can do more than sing. I won't delay you any longer, you check out the whole thing below.

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