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Marc Ribler Releases New Single “Shattered” Heartbreak Never Sounded So Good!

Marc Ribler (Singer,Musician, Producer and Music Director for Stevie Van Zandt) has released a new single for a forthcoming album later in June titled “The World Awaits You”. You can pre-order a vinyl version of the album here. You also may have heard about him from his work with Stevie Van Zandt’s Disciples Of Soul, Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney, to name a few.

If you’re like me and want to get more familiar with him you can d that on his website here. The lead single from the record is Shattered. No, it’s not a Rolling Stones cover, far from it. The only similarities is that it does have a very 70’s vibe and that’s good thing. The song deals with heartbreak, the following verses paint that picture;

“you can melt my heart like butter and drink it up like wine you can say it’s the journey

you can say that’s the only thing that matters but it’s my heart baby my heart baby my heart that you shattered”

Now that’s painful break up. Ironically the music is a bit upbeat for something that is so sad. The song has a great melodic guitar solo that brings the song together. What really surprised me is the drums. there are some nice fills and rolls that takes the song to another level. The combination of the melodic sound and outstanding drumming makes this a great rock tune. There is no video unfortunately, but lyrically it would make a story to see come to life. Maybe someday, for now you can give it a listen below.

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