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Married Iguana Release Debut EP “The Rehearsal Dinner”!

Married Iguana

    Track List                                                                   Band Members 1- Eaym (Everybody, Anybody, You and Me)               Brett Higgins- Vocals/Guitar 2- The Flow                                                                        Ian Smith- Bass 3- Farewell My Friend                                                 Axile Beighley- Drums

                                                                           Alfredo Benevides- Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals

 Produced By:                                                             Band Website: Married Iguana                                    

  Married Iguana has released their EP “The Rehearsal Dinner”. I’m not sure if I will do the band justice in describing their music but I’ll give it a go. If Primus and Frank Zappa had a kid it would be Married Iguana. Part rock, part funk and part alternative. Some might even say they have an eclectic sound. Whatever you want to call it, it’s good and fun.

The first song is Eaym (Everybody, Anybody, You and Me). When you first hear the song you may think the song is all improvised but its really experimental rock fused with a progressive sound. You can easily get lost in the chorus, especially the way Brett Higgins delivers them. Once I knew the following words;

“Everybody craves what they can’t have Everybody praises what they don’t know Everybody does but they should’ve have Everybody, Anybody, You and Me”

  I was singing them by the end of the tune. That aside, you need to listen to the precision of the music and especially the guitar work in this song. Midway through the track the band jams and the solo kicks in and pulls the whole song together.

The second track is The Flow. This is quite the opposite of the first track, in that its more of a traditional style of a song. Lyrically the song has some political tones to it. It mentions fake news and being brainwashed etc. But the gist is going with what you know. Your comfort zone. I really enjoyed the rhythm section of this song, I think that Ian Smith’s bass and the drumming of Axile Beighley. They really drive the track for me, their work helps highlight the melodic guitar solo. This is my favorite song on the EP.

The third and final track is Farewell My Friend. At first you might think the song is an instrumental until it’s not. I kind of feel an influence from The Police on this one, but a refreshing take on classic sound. I like the perspective the band takes on the song. Based on its title, you would think the song is about the death of a friend but it’s more like you are dead to me. It’s about someone who quit on him and I think it’s a very relatable topic. If you listen to what he’s saying you can understand why. The song does have a kick ass guitar solo that sounds like something that came from the seventies. It’s a good way to close out the EP. You get a fresh take on a retro sound.

I usually give you highlights and what to check out on an album review. Since this is a three song EP, I think you should listen to all of it. It’s a rare find to hear something that is still rock and unconventional with a touch of sarcastic humor. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Alfredo Benevides keyboards were a nice touch on this record. They seem to be just enough to not over power the songs yet give the polish they needed. Check out Eaym (Everybody, Anybody, You and Me) below..

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